Hey, fangirls (or fanboys)!

Hello, I’m, well, I’ll go by a code name. Call me Alessa. I’m a book fangirl, obviously because of the name of this blog. Okay, what else can I tell you guys. Oh, I have read The Maze Runner, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, The Hunger Games and Divergent. I’m currently reading The Mortal Instruments and I plan to read whole ton of other book series. Yup, I’m going to be joining the whole enchilada. I want to be burdened by the feels! Yeah, and it’s fun, being a fangirl and all. We see things other people don’t see. We can sympathize with the characters. We feel non-fictional feelings for the guys or girls(I know there are fanboys out there, we won’t judge, bros.). We are the bridge between the real and fictional worlds.

Wow, I can’t believe I wrote that. I don’t usually get all metaphor-y and go all out on the sappy stuff about being a fangirl.

I actually sounded like Percy writing Greek Gods in the last paragraph…

Yep, so I’m just  another fangirl in the fandom…

Obsessed and mentally unstable because of the traumatic experiences of reading books.

I don’t even know anymore.

Alessa out.


Sudden Realization…[Allegiant Spoiler]

Guys, I just realized that Tris started out Abnegation and ended by being Abnegation.

Think about it, she was an Abnegation at first and she lost her life in the end to complete their mission? Whoa…

Sorry this was a short one…

Alessa out.

You Don’t Know Anything, You Uncultured Swine!(Rant #1)

When I say, “I ship Thominho!”,

Practically, my classmates are like, “Ew, aren’t they both boys? That’s gross.”


And don’t insult my OTP. I mean like, what if I said that Larry sucks, WHAT WOULD YOU FEEL, BISHES? Okay, I’ll calm down a bit.

But still, insulting a fangirl’s OTP is just plain rude. What if I say Kathniel is dumb or maybe that Jadine is fake and bla bla bla… Okay, you people from outside of my country, it’s a celebrity ship in here. I honestly think they’re pretty stupid, but I don’t say anything because I don’t wanna offend anyone. Siriusly, don’t criticize another person’s ship because wouldn’t that insult the other person? It’s like telling them that their opinion sucks. It’s practically insulting their taste. It’s calling them “stupid”. Though you’re not saying that, it feels like that. Also, all ships are acceptable. It’s an unwritten rule.

And, by saying that a person’s ship is stupid and disgusting because the people in the ship have the same gender is shucking homophobic. I mean, it’s happening in the whole wide world. Gay people are getting married, lesbians are getting married. And if you were so against it, go ahead and complain to the government about it. I don’t care. And you’re also forgetting a tiny little detail, THEY DON’T EVEN EXIST IN OUR WORLD[I believe there’s an alternate universe where the are real]. So why do you care so much? You’re not even in the fandom, so shoo, you uncultured swine!


Oh, I study in an all-girls school, and I know people who are lesbian and bi. You know, they ship lesbians with straight girls in here. The straight girls are getting teased and all. It’s so unfair. Why can’t I ship non-straight ships, and my classmates can? INEQUALITY!

Okay, rant over. 

Alessa out.

*I’m sorry if I offended anyone…Forgive me!

Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer!

Okay, I know I’m pretty late, but give me some credit, I bought it the minute I saw it. Bro, I’m not from America where you guys are updated with books. 

Anywho, I loved it. ANNABETH IS IN THERE! Oh my shuck, I missed her.

But Annie isn’t the only thing I missed, I missed Rick’s titles for chapters! They are just so dam hilarious. Like, 

1. Good Morning, You’re Going To Die.

That’s brilliant, Rick. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Well, except for trolling us with CLIFFHANGERS.

Yep, more cliffhangers.

I don’t wanna spoil for the people who haven’t read it, so that’s all I can say.

Alessa out!

Sorry For Not Posting!

I’m sorry, guys. It’s just that I didn’t have the motivation and ideas to write a post.

I don’t want to sound like those people who always make up excuses and stuff so okay, I’m sorry for being a lazy shuck-face. I’ll update posts, promise!

Thank you so much! Love you guys(if there are people in there)!


What If We Made A Fandom Anthem?

   What if we did do it?!

   That would be awesome.

   We could be an official country and our currency were books?

   What if in school, we would memorize book quotes, learn about the biographies of the characters, shipping, feels, OTPs, and instead of writing science papers, we would write fanfiction?

    What if our teachers were the writers of the books in the fandoms.

     Oh my gods, I want this to happen.

     What if we had a law that banned rubber ducks and the mention of every deceased character’s death.

     What if we had a law that didn’t allow other people to rip pages of our books?

     What if every book didn’t have a 250th page?

     What if we named ships after our OTPs?

      Guys, we should do this.

      Let’s make a fandom anthem!      

Fangirl Problems

These are my fangirl problems, people. They’re kind of ridiculous, but hey.

  1. My classmate asked me why I was in love with an amphibian.

You know why? Newt. It’s because his name is a salamander if you consider him an animal. But he’s a human! And why would I shucking have a crush on an animal! I feel so offended. 😦

2. I can never find the perfect reading position.

My arms go numb when I read. Sometimes, it’s dark and I have to reposition myself. But no! Now my legs go numb. I have to reposition myself a ton of times and it never stays the same.

3. My classmates beside me don’t get the references.

Why do the other fangirls have to sit on the other side of the room?

4. My mortal friend thinks I’ve changed.

I haven’t changed at all. I just became interested in the fandoms! She obviously hasn’t seen me fangirling in my room about X reader fanfics. And she wants the old me back and bla, bla, bla. If she really was my friend, she would support me. I was a really boring person(I’ll admit.) when I wasn’t interested in the fandoms yet. I was an academic person. I kept my grades up and I practically only cared about that. But fandoms gave me something to be happy about. I finally had an interest! I’ve been waiting for something to get me out of the all academic routine every shucking day. And this was it. I was in a fandom! And I joined other fandoms and became slightly insane, but we’ve all had our share of insanity. Right?

5.  I’m more open minded than other people and it’s annoying at times.

That time when you just want to rant about how unfair the world is, and nobody understands. I honestly hate it when my classmates are being racist and sexist. I mean, the characters taught me that anyone can be good. They’re discriminating other people and I hate it because I mean, Alby was at least responsible! He sacrificed himself! Plus, Beatrice Prior was a hero! Katniss was awesome! Cinna was nice! What the shuck.

Okay, I was ranting there. So, what’s up with your fandoms, guys?

Alessa out!

Feels Songs…

Okay, sad songs are going to go in here. Listen to them though, because they’re awesome.

1.”Save You” by Simple Plan

Sometimes I wish I could save you
And there’re so many things that I want you to know
I won’t give up till it’s over
If it takes you forever I want you to know

Oh, gods, this song makes me want to cry. Honestly, I want to save a lot of the characters who died in the books. I really want them to be happy with whoever they were partnered with and their family and friends. Primrose and Katniss. Newt, Minho And Thomas. Thomas and Teresa. Tris and Four. Bianca and Nico. Zoë and Thalia. Will and Christina. I miss them all.

2. “Take It All Away” by Owl City
There was a shot in the dark, I was caught by surprise
There was a hole in my heart, there were tears in your eyes
And there was nothing to say ’cause you made up your mind
So I guess what you meant when you left was goodbye

So if you’re gonna go and leave me in a lonely grave
I won’t let it show until you’ve finally flown away

You gotta know that you tear me up when you say
You wanna take it all away, take it all away
You tear me up when you say
You wanna take it all away, take it all away

This one is mostly Newtmas. We all know page 250. We all know what happened.

Thomas regretted his decision. He didn’t want to kill Newt, but Newt was suffering and he wanted himself to die. He didn’t want to become a Crank. He didn’t want to see himself in that state.

So Thomas shot him. He shot his own best friend.

3. “Silhouette” by Owl City

I’m a silhouette,

Asking every now and then,

Is it over yet?

Will I ever feel again?

FourTris feels, fangirls.

Four really loved Tris. We all saw that. They loved each other and nothing was going to separate them. But because of the mission, Tris had to do it. Let’s not blame Tris. Four already has enough pain.

Okay, two sad ones in a row. I promise the next one will be a happy one.


Alessa out.