What If We Made A Fandom Anthem?

   What if we did do it?!

   That would be awesome.

   We could be an official country and our currency were books?

   What if in school, we would memorize book quotes, learn about the biographies of the characters, shipping, feels, OTPs, and instead of writing science papers, we would write fanfiction?

    What if our teachers were the writers of the books in the fandoms.

     Oh my gods, I want this to happen.

     What if we had a law that banned rubber ducks and the mention of every deceased character’s death.

     What if we had a law that didn’t allow other people to rip pages of our books?

     What if every book didn’t have a 250th page?

     What if we named ships after our OTPs?

      Guys, we should do this.

      Let’s make a fandom anthem!      


Fangirl Problems

These are my fangirl problems, people. They’re kind of ridiculous, but hey.

  1. My classmate asked me why I was in love with an amphibian.

You know why? Newt. It’s because his name is a salamander if you consider him an animal. But he’s a human! And why would I shucking have a crush on an animal! I feel so offended. 😦

2. I can never find the perfect reading position.

My arms go numb when I read. Sometimes, it’s dark and I have to reposition myself. But no! Now my legs go numb. I have to reposition myself a ton of times and it never stays the same.

3. My classmates beside me don’t get the references.

Why do the other fangirls have to sit on the other side of the room?

4. My mortal friend thinks I’ve changed.

I haven’t changed at all. I just became interested in the fandoms! She obviously hasn’t seen me fangirling in my room about X reader fanfics. And she wants the old me back and bla, bla, bla. If she really was my friend, she would support me. I was a really boring person(I’ll admit.) when I wasn’t interested in the fandoms yet. I was an academic person. I kept my grades up and I practically only cared about that. But fandoms gave me something to be happy about. I finally had an interest! I’ve been waiting for something to get me out of the all academic routine every shucking day. And this was it. I was in a fandom! And I joined other fandoms and became slightly insane, but we’ve all had our share of insanity. Right?

5.  I’m more open minded than other people and it’s annoying at times.

That time when you just want to rant about how unfair the world is, and nobody understands. I honestly hate it when my classmates are being racist and sexist. I mean, the characters taught me that anyone can be good. They’re discriminating other people and I hate it because I mean, Alby was at least responsible! He sacrificed himself! Plus, Beatrice Prior was a hero! Katniss was awesome! Cinna was nice! What the shuck.

Okay, I was ranting there. So, what’s up with your fandoms, guys?

Alessa out!

Feels Songs…

Okay, sad songs are going to go in here. Listen to them though, because they’re awesome.

1.”Save You” by Simple Plan

Sometimes I wish I could save you
And there’re so many things that I want you to know
I won’t give up till it’s over
If it takes you forever I want you to know

Oh, gods, this song makes me want to cry. Honestly, I want to save a lot of the characters who died in the books. I really want them to be happy with whoever they were partnered with and their family and friends. Primrose and Katniss. Newt, Minho And Thomas. Thomas and Teresa. Tris and Four. Bianca and Nico. Zoë and Thalia. Will and Christina. I miss them all.

2. “Take It All Away” by Owl City
There was a shot in the dark, I was caught by surprise
There was a hole in my heart, there were tears in your eyes
And there was nothing to say ’cause you made up your mind
So I guess what you meant when you left was goodbye

So if you’re gonna go and leave me in a lonely grave
I won’t let it show until you’ve finally flown away

You gotta know that you tear me up when you say
You wanna take it all away, take it all away
You tear me up when you say
You wanna take it all away, take it all away

This one is mostly Newtmas. We all know page 250. We all know what happened.

Thomas regretted his decision. He didn’t want to kill Newt, but Newt was suffering and he wanted himself to die. He didn’t want to become a Crank. He didn’t want to see himself in that state.

So Thomas shot him. He shot his own best friend.

3. “Silhouette” by Owl City

I’m a silhouette,

Asking every now and then,

Is it over yet?

Will I ever feel again?

FourTris feels, fangirls.

Four really loved Tris. We all saw that. They loved each other and nothing was going to separate them. But because of the mission, Tris had to do it. Let’s not blame Tris. Four already has enough pain.

Okay, two sad ones in a row. I promise the next one will be a happy one.


Alessa out.

If Clary Met Rachel…

What if they met?

I think Clary and Rachel would be great friends. And then Rachel would show her artworks to her. They’ll watch anime together, read manga together, typical anime fan girl stuff. Whoa, and if Clary visits, Rachel’s dad might mistake her for his daughter like,

“Hello, Rachel. How are you?”

“What? I’m Rachel’s friend, Clary.”

“Oh, that one. You look so much alike. Okay, move on.”

Bro, what if Jace hugs Rachel instead of Clary? And Clary gets jealous. I’m loving this drama. And then   when Clary and Jace finally reconcile, Rachel is kind of sad because she used to like Percy, and she can’t date him because,

  1. Percy has a girlfriend, Annabeth.
  2. She’s the Oracle.

And she just goes back to Camp Half-Blood, and never sees Clary again.

Oh gods, that made me feel bad.

I’m sorry, just that I had this friend and then she went to Australia and I never saw her again.


Clary’s daughter gets Apollo to fall in love with her. They have a baby girl and she’s sent to Camp Half-Blood. Clary tells her granddaughter to go to Camp Half-Blood and gave her a letter. It’s addressed to Rachel.

When her granddaughter arrives at Camp, Chiron welcomes her there and she asks who Rachel Elizabeth Dare is. Chiron lets Leo and Calypso’s grandson to escort her to Rachel’s cave.

And Rachel finally sees her and says, “Clary?”

And Clary’s granddaughter says, “How do you know my grandmother’s name?”. She gives Rachel the letter.

And Rachel opens it and reads the letter.

Dear Rachel,

          This is my granddaughter, Jacqueline. I don’t have much time left before I die. Take care of her for me. Why did you leave? Did I do anything to upset you? I’m sorry then, Rachel. I wish we spent more time together. We could’ve spent our last days laughing with each other. I hope you’re happy at Camp Half-Blood. 

           But even if we only spent a few years with each other, you’ll be my best friend. Always.

           Thank you for giving me the happiest years of my life, old friend.


And Rachel cries.

Oh, gods, that ending was worse. I’m sorry for those feels, bros.


Okay, Alessa out.

The Kane Chronicles and The Mortality Doctrine

Guys, I have this feeling that we’re ignoring the KC and TMD fandom.

My sister and my other friend read the first book of The Mortality Doctrine series, and they liked it. We don’t talk about that fandom much. I don’t really like the first book, but hey. My sister liked it, so we’re great, everything’s great. We’re all fine.


And Kane Chronicles! It was a really nice series. Bro, Anubis and Walt merging, we didn’t see that coming. I mean, Sadie was stuck between choosing Anubis or Walt, and boom! They are now the same person. Poor Sadie. Dating two guys in one body is kind of awkward.


Also, Osiris being their dad was unusual, but still. It’s awesome that they got to visit him.

I cried so hard when Bes traded his soul so that they could win… I mean, Bes was one of my favorite characters even if he was a dwarf god!

Zia and Carter! I ship it so hard! Practically the Percabeth of the KC fandom.

And the end when they defeated Apophis, I loved it. They are absolutely awesome.

My friend actually let me borrow the third book, and I read the first few chapters. But I stopped because I wanted to read the books in order.

Okay, now that I’ve given credit to those two fandoms, we’re done.

I felt kind of guilty not talking about them in the previous blog posts so…

Yep, Alessa out.

Because of Obsession

Because of obsession, I started a notebook about a certain character.

Because of obsession, I study slightly less. (I’m the serious type when it comes to my studies and stuff.)

Because of obsession, I’m happier.

Because of obsession, I have more friends.

Because of obsession, I can relate with other people.

It’s funny that obsession can change us.

I started with the Percy Jackson series, and then just joined a ton other fandoms. Well, you could say I got so into it that I planned to join the whole enchilada.

Boom! Then came Heroes of Olympus. And Divergent then Harry Potter. After a few months, Hunger Games. And then when I started The Maze Runner, the whole balance tipped and I became so obsessed that my friend was like, “I’ve never seen you so obsessed before.”.Well, obviously, she didn’t see me fangirl over PJO, HOO, Divergent,HP and THG. Yeah, pretty much did my fangirl stuff at home before TMR, because that’s when I wanted to get my friends obsessed with it too.

I’m the “seriously obsessed about grades” type of person. Well, I study less now. (Hehe, my classmates are jealous of me for having good grades.) But hey, it’s not like I’m trying to boast or anything.

Percy: Yeah, right…

Annabeth: Shut up, Percy. She’s just trying to be like an Athena kid. I salute you, Alessa.

Percy: Sure, sure.

Annabeth: What did you say, Seaweed Brain?

Percy: Nothing, Annabeth.

Annabeth: That’s what I thought.

Yep, also trying to be like Annabeth.

I started a notebook [about Newt] and I plan on starting another for Minho, then Hermione… okay, the list might get long.

I try to be like my favorite characters, taking all their best qualities and trying to be that kind of person, because I want to be like them. They’re my idols, really. I love them all.

Every fictional character : Awwww…

And of course, I love you fangirls checking out this blog, too.

*hugs all of you people supporting this blog because you guys are truly awesome*

Yay. Tomorrow I’ll play Hermia in our class play, if there’s anything I’m bad at, it’s acting.

Alessa out.

Memorizing Book Quotes

I salute you people who memorize book quotes, though it’s fine if you don’t.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong about writing book quotes on your pencil case.

Haha, yeah?

Okay, I’ll admit it. I write TMR quotes on my pencil case.

But yeah, I’m practically more familiar with book quotes more than Hermia’s lines in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And then I’m supposed to be shucking Hermia in our dam class play.

I don’t even understand what these people are trying to say sometimes.

I mean you could’ve just said that you didn’t like Demetrius or whatever. Or maybe that life is cruel and your dad practically gave you away to this guy who cheated on his fiancée just because she loved him back and he changed his piece of klunk head. I mean, can’t we just be straightforward here?

Okay, we just got out of topic here.

I love memorizing book quotes. It feels really good when you remember those moments…

Ah, the fangirl life.