How to Cope With Your First Feels Attack

You just don’t.

Go and try.

You can’t do it.

You just can’t, well, not on your own.


But we can make it better for you, fellow fangirl/fanboy! Just remember that you peeps are not alone! We all get feels attacks! Especially when your OTP or favorite character nearly dies, or maybe does die. *whispers* We’ll get you someday, Rick Riordan. And when your favorite character gets shot in the head by his best friend because he’s going crazy and doesn’t want them to see him like that.*whispers* We’ll get you too, James Dashner. And also when half of your OTP dies. *whispers* You too, Veronica Roth and Suzanne Collins(Finnick and Annie). I mean, when Annie finds out, she’ll go crazy. She’ll be all depressed! And she already is¬†traumatized by The Hunger Games! I mean, shuck, lady! The girl’s husband died! And Newt, he was kind, gentle and friendly. He didn’t hesitate to let Thomas kill him! He didn’t want to make it harder for them. I literally cried when he said, “I don’t care about myself anymore.”. He was selfless, like Tris. And Tris, Four loved her! He nearly lost his memories with her if not for Christina. And Will! Christina was devastated! When Percabeth fell into Tartarus, I was almost sure that they’d die. Thank the gods they didn’t. How about Zoe Nightshade? We loved her! She was a huntress, a paragon of strength for girls. She respected Percy even if he was a guy. Bianca di Angelo? She was Nico’s only family left (at that moment)! He was fricking traumatized! He was only a little kid!

Oh, shuck. I just had a full-blown rant back there.

I’m really upset with their deaths. Especially Newt’s.

Sorry, Alessa out.


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