What PJO/HoO Characters Would Probably Do When It’s Report Card Day (If They Actually Went To School)l

Yesterday, it was our Report Card Day for the First Quarter of the school year…

So, yep, long title.

Let’s move on.

Percy: He might probably stay at Camp Half-Blood until Sally calms down(which isn’t really a long time, Sally is really sweet, like blue cookies!). And Annabeth will probably scold him and volunteer to tutor him. But Chiron will probably send him home.

Annabeth: She would probably ask the other Athena kids about their grades and get average of all their grades and compare them with each other. But of course our little Annie will have the highest one.

Don’t call me that!-Annabeth

Nico: He probably wouldn’t care. Plus, I’d say his grades would be pretty good. Not one of the smart kids, but above average even though he is a demigod.

Leo: He will put his report card on fire. Enough said.

Jason: He probably doesn’t even care that much. But Reyna might. Imagine her being all, “Oh, Jason, your English grade is horrible! You should improve because it absolutely disgraces your name as a son of Jupiter!Don’t get me started on your Biology grade”. But, meh.

Piper: She could charmspeak the teachers into making a new report card, but she is just too nice. Plus, she would only use it if needed because she doesn’t want to manipulate other people like Drew does. I salute you, Beauty Queen!

Don’t call me that!-Piper

I have taught you well, Alessa. You should visit CHB and meet us there.-Leo

Aw, Leo. I want to but living in the real world doesn’t give you much choice than to read fanfiction and pray every night to get to the book fandom world.-Me

Aw, I’d like to show the Seven my fangirls. They don’t believe me!-Leo

Anyway, moving on.

Hazel-She will hide in a tunnel underground to escape Reyna’s lecture.

Frank-He’ll hide with Hazel in the tunnel. And he’ll turn into an ant.

Clarisse: Obviously doesn’t care.


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