That Moment When…

That moment when you’re screaming at a character, “No! NO! Don’t you dare do that!” , “You’ll regret it!” and “Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” and then, that character does the exact opposite of what you said they shouldn’t do.

Then you’re all like, “I told you so.”

And the process repeats.

That moment when your OTP finally kiss and you’re about to scream in utter happiness.

That moment when you let a person borrow you book and they accidentally drop it or fold it.

Me, I would probably say, “My baby! I will never let you out of my sight ever again!” and then I would glare at that person and say, “You can never borrow my books ever again.”. Yes, that happened before.

But then, I don’t know if you react like that, too.

Alessa out!


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