September 7, The Day I Hate The Most.

Today is the September 7.

The 250th day of the year.

The Maze Runner fangirls, you know what I mean.

Yes, it’s about Newt.

I just really love him, okay? He’s my favorite character of all time.

Okay, he’s my fictional crush, too.

So today, it’s a tribute to him.

Dear Newt,

I hope you’re happy up there, wherever you are. And what you did, it was for the best. I understand, I’m not mad. I know you didn’t want them to see you in that stage, where you’ve gone past the point of no return. Just remember that your friends, including the fangirls, care about you. I care about you, shuckface. We all want you to be here with us, so don’t feel unwanted. You’re honestly one of the best people ever. I like how gentle you are and how you just… well, everything about you, really. Yeah, this probably won’t get to you, but if it does, give me a sign. I want to know if you really do exist. I know it’s impossible, but a girl can hope. Say hi to Teresa for me.

Your fangirl, Alessa

I am honestly that desperate to know if there is a fictional world. But then, hey, there might be a dimension where fictional characters are real.

Yeah, no.

And, honestly, today has been really bad, and it’s like this day is cursed for me or something. Yeah, I’m serious.

Alessa out.


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