Imagine a Divergent AU, where there’s a chapter where Uriah pretends to be mad at Four.

Four gets confused and everyone else says that he did something wrong.

Tris: You just made the biggest mistake of your life.

Even the teachers are onto it.

Tori: I would be worried if I were you, this is Uriah we’re talking about!

And when Four asks everyone what he did wrong, no one answers.

And he’s upset, because his bro is ignoring him.

Uriah: Try and remember!

Four: What did I even do wrong?!

Four: I don’t get it! I don’t remember anything bad I did!

Uriah: *rolls eyes*

Uriah: Do you really want me to tell you?

Four: Just tell me, pansycake.

Uriah: Okay, kneel before me!

Four: *raises eyebrow* Is this a trick?

Uriah: No. Just do it if you want to know!

Four: Nope, not doing it.

Uriah: Fine, we’re not bros anymore.

And then…

Uriah: Nah, it was just a trick.

Four: *tackles Uriah*

Four: I hate you so much.

Imagine Peeta offering Gale bread.

Gale takes the bread and tastes it, then it was actually really spicy.

Gale doesn’t react because he can withstand it.

And Peeta is just, “Why isn’t he begging for water yet?!”.

Gale notices and smiles.

“Thanks for the bread.” and then he walks away.

Imagine if  Newt and Thomas hid the boxes where the Runners kept the Maze patterns.

And Minho was all like, “Where the shuck are the Maze patterns?!”

Imagine Newt and Thomas laughing like Cranks(it hurt writing that) and Minho practically almost strangled them both.


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