Memorizing Book Quotes

I salute you people who memorize book quotes, though it’s fine if you don’t.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong about writing book quotes on your pencil case.

Haha, yeah?

Okay, I’ll admit it. I write TMR quotes on my pencil case.

But yeah, I’m practically more familiar with book quotes more than Hermia’s lines in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And then I’m supposed to be shucking Hermia in our dam class play.

I don’t even understand what these people are trying to say sometimes.

I mean you could’ve just said that you didn’t like Demetrius or whatever. Or maybe that life is cruel and your dad practically gave you away to this guy who cheated on his fiancée just because she loved him back and he changed his piece of klunk head. I mean, can’t we just be straightforward here?

Okay, we just got out of topic here.

I love memorizing book quotes. It feels really good when you remember those moments…

Ah, the fangirl life.


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