Because of Obsession

Because of obsession, I started a notebook about a certain character.

Because of obsession, I study slightly less. (I’m the serious type when it comes to my studies and stuff.)

Because of obsession, I’m happier.

Because of obsession, I have more friends.

Because of obsession, I can relate with other people.

It’s funny that obsession can change us.

I started with the Percy Jackson series, and then just joined a ton other fandoms. Well, you could say I got so into it that I planned to join the whole enchilada.

Boom! Then came Heroes of Olympus. And Divergent then Harry Potter. After a few months, Hunger Games. And then when I started The Maze Runner, the whole balance tipped and I became so obsessed that my friend was like, “I’ve never seen you so obsessed before.”.Well, obviously, she didn’t see me fangirl over PJO, HOO, Divergent,HP and THG. Yeah, pretty much did my fangirl stuff at home before TMR, because that’s when I wanted to get my friends obsessed with it too.

I’m the “seriously obsessed about grades” type of person. Well, I study less now. (Hehe, my classmates are jealous of me for having good grades.) But hey, it’s not like I’m trying to boast or anything.

Percy: Yeah, right…

Annabeth: Shut up, Percy. She’s just trying to be like an Athena kid. I salute you, Alessa.

Percy: Sure, sure.

Annabeth: What did you say, Seaweed Brain?

Percy: Nothing, Annabeth.

Annabeth: That’s what I thought.

Yep, also trying to be like Annabeth.

I started a notebook [about Newt] and I plan on starting another for Minho, then Hermione… okay, the list might get long.

I try to be like my favorite characters, taking all their best qualities and trying to be that kind of person, because I want to be like them. They’re my idols, really. I love them all.

Every fictional character : Awwww…

And of course, I love you fangirls checking out this blog, too.

*hugs all of you people supporting this blog because you guys are truly awesome*

Yay. Tomorrow I’ll play Hermia in our class play, if there’s anything I’m bad at, it’s acting.

Alessa out.


One thought on “Because of Obsession

  1. Well, -pats back- I pity you for being Hermia in our class play, Alessa. Well, I also got a bunch of lines in the play because I’m Peter Quince(in the play). So, I guess we’re kinda equal. I actually also try to be like my favorite fictional characters but it always ends up being an epic fail. If you started with the notebook of Minho, can I please read it? ^_^


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