The Kane Chronicles and The Mortality Doctrine

Guys, I have this feeling that we’re ignoring the KC and TMD fandom.

My sister and my other friend read the first book of The Mortality Doctrine series, and they liked it. We don’t talk about that fandom much. I don’t really like the first book, but hey. My sister liked it, so we’re great, everything’s great. We’re all fine.


And Kane Chronicles! It was a really nice series. Bro, Anubis and Walt merging, we didn’t see that coming. I mean, Sadie was stuck between choosing Anubis or Walt, and boom! They are now the same person. Poor Sadie. Dating two guys in one body is kind of awkward.


Also, Osiris being their dad was unusual, but still. It’s awesome that they got to visit him.

I cried so hard when Bes traded his soul so that they could win… I mean, Bes was one of my favorite characters even if he was a dwarf god!

Zia and Carter! I ship it so hard! Practically the Percabeth of the KC fandom.

And the end when they defeated Apophis, I loved it. They are absolutely awesome.

My friend actually let me borrow the third book, and I read the first few chapters. But I stopped because I wanted to read the books in order.

Okay, now that I’ve given credit to those two fandoms, we’re done.

I felt kind of guilty not talking about them in the previous blog posts so…

Yep, Alessa out.


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