If Clary Met Rachel…

What if they met?

I think Clary and Rachel would be great friends. And then Rachel would show her artworks to her. They’ll watch anime together, read manga together, typical anime fan girl stuff. Whoa, and if Clary visits, Rachel’s dad might mistake her for his daughter like,

“Hello, Rachel. How are you?”

“What? I’m Rachel’s friend, Clary.”

“Oh, that one. You look so much alike. Okay, move on.”

Bro, what if Jace hugs Rachel instead of Clary? And Clary gets jealous. I’m loving this drama. And then   when Clary and Jace finally reconcile, Rachel is kind of sad because she used to like Percy, and she can’t date him because,

  1. Percy has a girlfriend, Annabeth.
  2. She’s the Oracle.

And she just goes back to Camp Half-Blood, and never sees Clary again.

Oh gods, that made me feel bad.

I’m sorry, just that I had this friend and then she went to Australia and I never saw her again.


Clary’s daughter gets Apollo to fall in love with her. They have a baby girl and she’s sent to Camp Half-Blood. Clary tells her granddaughter to go to Camp Half-Blood and gave her a letter. It’s addressed to Rachel.

When her granddaughter arrives at Camp, Chiron welcomes her there and she asks who Rachel Elizabeth Dare is. Chiron lets Leo and Calypso’s grandson to escort her to Rachel’s cave.

And Rachel finally sees her and says, “Clary?”

And Clary’s granddaughter says, “How do you know my grandmother’s name?”. She gives Rachel the letter.

And Rachel opens it and reads the letter.

Dear Rachel,

          This is my granddaughter, Jacqueline. I don’t have much time left before I die. Take care of her for me. Why did you leave? Did I do anything to upset you? I’m sorry then, Rachel. I wish we spent more time together. We could’ve spent our last days laughing with each other. I hope you’re happy at Camp Half-Blood. 

           But even if we only spent a few years with each other, you’ll be my best friend. Always.

           Thank you for giving me the happiest years of my life, old friend.


And Rachel cries.

Oh, gods, that ending was worse. I’m sorry for those feels, bros.


Okay, Alessa out.


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