Fangirl Problems

These are my fangirl problems, people. They’re kind of ridiculous, but hey.

  1. My classmate asked me why I was in love with an amphibian.

You know why? Newt. It’s because his name is a salamander if you consider him an animal. But he’s a human! And why would I shucking have a crush on an animal! I feel so offended. 😦

2. I can never find the perfect reading position.

My arms go numb when I read. Sometimes, it’s dark and I have to reposition myself. But no! Now my legs go numb. I have to reposition myself a ton of times and it never stays the same.

3. My classmates beside me don’t get the references.

Why do the other fangirls have to sit on the other side of the room?

4. My mortal friend thinks I’ve changed.

I haven’t changed at all. I just became interested in the fandoms! She obviously hasn’t seen me fangirling in my room about X reader fanfics. And she wants the old me back and bla, bla, bla. If she really was my friend, she would support me. I was a really boring person(I’ll admit.) when I wasn’t interested in the fandoms yet. I was an academic person. I kept my grades up and I practically only cared about that. But fandoms gave me something to be happy about. I finally had an interest! I’ve been waiting for something to get me out of the all academic routine every shucking day. And this was it. I was in a fandom! And I joined other fandoms and became slightly insane, but we’ve all had our share of insanity. Right?

5.  I’m more open minded than other people and it’s annoying at times.

That time when you just want to rant about how unfair the world is, and nobody understands. I honestly hate it when my classmates are being racist and sexist. I mean, the characters taught me that anyone can be good. They’re discriminating other people and I hate it because I mean, Alby was at least responsible! He sacrificed himself! Plus, Beatrice Prior was a hero! Katniss was awesome! Cinna was nice! What the shuck.

Okay, I was ranting there. So, what’s up with your fandoms, guys?

Alessa out!


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