You Don’t Know Anything, You Uncultured Swine!(Rant #1)

When I say, “I ship Thominho!”,

Practically, my classmates are like, “Ew, aren’t they both boys? That’s gross.”


And don’t insult my OTP. I mean like, what if I said that Larry sucks, WHAT WOULD YOU FEEL, BISHES? Okay, I’ll calm down a bit.

But still, insulting a fangirl’s OTP is just plain rude. What if I say Kathniel is dumb or maybe that Jadine is fake and bla bla bla… Okay, you people from outside of my country, it’s a celebrity ship in here. I honestly think they’re pretty stupid, but I don’t say anything because I don’t wanna offend anyone. Siriusly, don’t criticize another person’s ship because wouldn’t that insult the other person? It’s like telling them that their opinion sucks. It’s practically insulting their taste. It’s calling them “stupid”. Though you’re not saying that, it feels like that. Also, all ships are acceptable. It’s an unwritten rule.

And, by saying that a person’s ship is stupid and disgusting because the people in the ship have the same gender is shucking homophobic. I mean, it’s happening in the whole wide world. Gay people are getting married, lesbians are getting married. And if you were so against it, go ahead and complain to the government about it. I don’t care. And you’re also forgetting a tiny little detail, THEY DON’T EVEN EXIST IN OUR WORLD[I believe there’s an alternate universe where the are real]. So why do you care so much? You’re not even in the fandom, so shoo, you uncultured swine!


Oh, I study in an all-girls school, and I know people who are lesbian and bi. You know, they ship lesbians with straight girls in here. The straight girls are getting teased and all. It’s so unfair. Why can’t I ship non-straight ships, and my classmates can? INEQUALITY!

Okay, rant over. 

Alessa out.

*I’m sorry if I offended anyone…Forgive me!


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